Recreation Prince Edward Island

Three kids playing on the rope climber at the playground

Vision, Mission and Membership

Recreation Prince Edward Island (Recreation PEI) is located on the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq people. Recreation PEI envisions a province where all Islanders move more and sit less more often. Recreation PEI’s mission is to “promote, coordinate and encourage all facets of recreation, physical activity and facility management on Prince Edward Island. Recreation PEI encourages the increase of physical activity and recreation in many settings in order to ensure that the province has active homes, communities, schools, and workplaces”. Recreation PEI has 47 members, which include municipalities, facilities, regional sport and recreation councils, and businesses who support Recreation PEI’s mission.

How Recreation PEI is Supporting Inclusion and Access for Persons with Disabilities

Recreation PEI uses their website, newsletter, and social media platforms to act as an information hub for anyone interested in recreation and physical activity. The organization promotes opportunities for programs, resources, and training that are available, including information on inclusion. Recreation PEI shares available grant opportunities and often partners directly on applications with dedicated community partners (e.g., Eastern Region Sport and Recreation Council).

Community Spotlight: Victoria Park, Charlottetown

An inclusive playground was opened in Charlottetown’s Victoria Park in October, 2018. The playground was provided through the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, and features double-wide ramps for wheelchair accessibility, and roller slides, which reduce the heightened risk of static electricity discharging hearing devices. After the development of this playground it was noticed by a community member that the washrooms were not accessible, with individuals needing to traverse over a field of grass to access them. Charlottetown successfully leveraged their partnership with Jumpstart to receive a grant to build a pathway from the playground to the washrooms. This grant also assisted with the purchasing of a water wheelchair for the city pool.