All Abilities Welcome

All Abilities Welcome Tool Kit

If you’re a program or service provider, whether through a municipality, school, club or other type of organization, you know how important it is to be inclusive to all members of your community and to promote healthy, Active Living for everyone.

Including persons with a disability, however, can sometimes seem challenging.

To help, the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability (ALACD) and its partners created All Abilities Welcome, a campaign to help you meet the challenge.

When you take on the All Abilities Welcome challenge, it’s an indication that you’ve made a commitment to find a way for everyone to participate. It means you and persons with a disability are working together to create inclusive opportunities for Active Living in your community.

A good place to start is the All Abilities Welcome Tool Kit.

All Abilities Welcome Video  (7:12s)

All Abilities Welcome Video (30s)


The All Abilities Welcome Tool Kit

ALA has created the All Abilities Welcome tool kit to help you get started.

This kit includes:

  • This introductory booklet
  • Tools to promote your inclusive programs, services and facilities
  • A CD with promotional pieces and electronic tracking tools
  • Words with Dignity – tips on appropriate terminology
  • A sample chart to help you through the inclusion process

In this booklet you’ll find:

  • An introduction to Active Living and why it’s important for persons with a disability
  • A step-by-step approach to creating inclusive programs
  • Easy modifications to make programs and services more inclusive
  • Information on additional resources

As you read, keep in mind that this is just a guide. Each facility, school, service provider, organization and program is unique and there is no one absolute or right way to create inclusive Active Living opportunities. You’ll need to design and follow a path that suits your facility or program.


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Download PDF