Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador

people walking on a trail - a boy and woman are smiling at the camera. The boy looks like he may have a cane.

Vision, Mission and Membership

Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador (RNL) envisions “a province of engaged communities where all people embrace the benefits of recreation to enhance their quality of life”. RNL’s mission is to be the “provincial voice promoting and fostering the spirit and practice of recreation for all. The organization provides a full range of services to enhance members’ ability to deliver recreation throughout Newfoundland and Labrador”. RNL has 271 members, including recreation practitioners, recreation committees, volunteers, recreation organizations and commercial members.

How RNL is Supporting Inclusion and Access for Persons with Disabilities

RNL has two inclusion advisory committees – Recreation NL Inclusion Advisory Committee and Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Initiative. Staff work in partnership with provincial and federal governments on para sport and inclusive recreation, which enhances capacity and allows for a broader scope of practice overall. 

RNL is extending its collaborations with the health promotion sector working with vulnerable people. The focus recently has been on public engagement about mental health and addictions.

The goal is to bring awareness and knowledge of disability into the mainstream, and to increase understanding that any of us at any time could be confronted with any range of disabilities, and that individuals should be included in recreation programming, regardless of ability.

Community Spotlights: Provincial Sport Organizations and the City of St. John's

RNL has been working closely with Provincial Sport Organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador to develop grassroots programming for persons with a disability. The NL Shooting Association has developed a program with Easter Seals NL that now runs weekly out of the Easter Seals House, giving persons with a disability the opportunity to develop a new skill. As well, Bicycle NL has received funding from RNL to purchase multiple tandem cycles for persons with visual impairments. Individuals with a visual impairment can ride the tandem cycle with a guide. This has opened the doors for persons with a disability to participate and compete in road races in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The City of St. John’s has been implementing inclusive measures to ensure everyone can enjoy community events. For example, in 2019, the Santa Claus Parade had a quiet zone. Within the quiet zone, music on the floats was turned off and bands did not play their instruments.