Recreation New Brunswick

Skiers using sit-skis on the hill

Vision, Mission and Membership

Recreation New Brunswick (Recreation NB) acts as a collective voice for meaningful, quality, accessible and safe recreation in New Brunswick. Their mission is to “provide leadership, education, advocacy and services to identified stakeholders that foster recreation experiences to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the natural and built environments”. Recreation NB has 400 members, and is made up of member organizations (not-for-profit, corporate and others) and municipalities.

How Recreation NB is Supporting Inclusion and Access for Persons with Disabilities

Recreation NB has an Inclusive Recreation Committee that seeks to address the lower levels of physical activity participation observed among individuals with an intellectual disability, by breaking down barriers and connecting individuals to various recreation opportunities within the community. This Committee ensures staff and volunteers have adequate training to accommodate and work with individuals with disabilities within recreation programs and settings.

The Inclusive Recreation Activity Fund is available for municipalities and organizations that deliver recreation services. The program provides funding to help cover costs associated with ensuring physical activity programming is inclusive for all individuals, as well as facility upgrades that are needed to ensure inclusion is met.

Community Spotlights: New Brunswick Association for Community Living and Para New Brunswick - Sport and Recreation

New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL) is a not-for-profit organization that works alongside individuals with an intellectual disability across the province of New Brunswick. Established in 1957, this organization receives over 200 requests regarding programming every month. The vision of NBACL is to establish inclusive communities where individuals with an intellectual disability can not only learn and work, but live a fulfilling life with play and recreation opportunities. The goal of NBACL is to enable the full participation of individuals with an intellectual disability in an inclusive society.

Para New Brunswick Sport and Recreation is a province-wide organization that provides New Brunswickers living with physical disabilities a coordinated system to engage in para sport and recreation. In particular, the equipment loan program aims to increase access to adaptive sport and recreation equipment and devices. This free-of-charge service can be accessed by provincial sport organizations, recreation organizations, para sport groups, municipalities, schools, and persons with a physical disability throughout New Brunswick.