Jane Arkell, Executive Director

Jane Arkell, Executive Director, of the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability (ALACD) passed away on December 27th.

Jane was the Executive Director of the Alliance from its inception in 1989. Jane dedicated her career to access and the inclusion of people with disabilities, with a focus on physical activity, recreation, and sport. Jane firmly believed that leading a physically active life had a profound impact on a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. In turn, these benefits lead to greater social inclusion, employment readiness, and reduced loneliness. Throughout her career, Jane was a tremendous champion of these beliefs. Jane impacted the lives of countless people with disabilities, as well as people she mentored or met professionally.

I am sure those of you, like me, who knew Jane professionally and personally, will feel you have lost a valued colleague and dear friend.

Our thoughts at this time are with Jane’s family.

Jane, Rest in Peace