Gillian Lynne-Davies, Director of Communications

Gillian Lynne-Davies

Starting her career with mentorship from strong disability advocates gave Gillian a firm grounding in the Independent Living philosophy and movement. Gillian has spent over 30 years working in the disability community including: Queen Street Mental Health Centre, National Access Awareness Week (Ontario), PUSH Ontario, Canadian Abilities Foundation, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and Spinal Cord Injury Canada.

Gillian uses her skills in strategic marketing and communications to build community. She is formally trained in recreation, fundraising and digital marketing strategy. By combining her training with decades of marketing and communications experience and non-profit management, she successfully delivers memorable campaigns with a playful and creative approach. She has led marketing and communications for national and provincial organizations, and most recently, the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance.

Gillian’s strength is in idea generation taking a “go big or go home” approach to the development and execution of projects.