Words With Dignity

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The following terms are suggested when describing a person with a disability.  
If in doubt, ask.

Instead of...

Disabled, handicapped, crippled
Person(s) with a disability/people with disabilities

Crippled by, afflicted with, suffering from, victim of, deformed
Person who has...or, Person with...

Person who has a mobility disability/person who has a physical disability

Confined, bound, restricted to or dependent on a wheelchair
Person who uses a wheelchair

Deaf and dumb, deaf mute, hearing impaired
Person who is Deaf, hard of hearing

Retarded, mentally retarded
Person with a developmental disability (if still in school) / person with an intellectual disability

Spastic (as a noun)
Person with muscle spasms

Physically challenged
Person with a physical disability 

Mental Patient, mentally ill, mental, insane
Person with a mental health disability, Person who has schizophrenia, Person who has...

Learning Disabled, learning difficulty
Person with a Learning Disability

Visually impaired (as a collective noun)
People who are visually impaired, blind