Purpose Statement

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability (ALACD) developed a Purpose Statement to capture succinctly why we exist and what we do. We hope all our partners, affiliates, members, supporters and stakeholders will use it as a benchmark for planning and decision-making. Our goal is to gain support and understanding inside and outside our network.


The inclusion and promotion of active living for Canadians with disabilities


Success Factor: Training


  • Develop and deliver workshops and training to sport & physical activity organizations to:
    • Create welcoming environments and programs
    • Educate organizations on the benefits of physical activity for people with a disability
  • Develop resources that support organizations to include persons with a disability in their programs (eg: physical activity adaptations)


Success Factor: Participation


  • Create learning opportunities to educate people with disabilities about the benefits of active living (Awareness)
  • Promote inclusive program opportunities (Awareness)
  • Showcase best practices in accessible infrastructure and programs (First Involvement)
  • Celebrate champions who are living active healthy lives or who are delivering inclusive programs


Success Factor: Influence


  • Champion best practices
  • Promote active living for Canadians with disabilities
  • Make recommendations around policy development and implementation
  • Promote equitable access and articulate additional barriers that people with disabilities face
  • Advocate for inclusive programs


Success Factor: Collaboration


  • Advise and consult with organizations within and beyond our coalition and sector
  • Connect organizations and work being done in the system
  • Create a hub for information on training, research and best practices


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