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Pleins feux sur un(e) chercheur(se)

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The work of researchers is integral to fostering an active, positive lifestyle for Canadians of all abilities and in keeping the knowledge network in Canada alive. We are pleased to spotlight the work and achievements of Canadian researchers.


Kathryn Sinden – BSc, MSc, PhD

Kathryn SindenDr. Kathryn Sinden is an assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology at Lakehead University. She has a BSc from Waterloo and graduate degrees from both Waterloo and McMaster. Before her recent appointment at Lakehead, Kathryn held positions as a post-doctoral researcher at Queen’s and a CIHR funded post-doctoral fellow at McGill. Kathryn’s research aims to prevent and reduce the human and financial impact of workplace injuries through applied ergonomics and analysis of the determinants of occupational task performance. She collaborates with employers, workers and other stakeholders, using principles of knowledge translation, to develop tools that can be used in primary and secondary injury prevention. Kathryn is using motion-capture and electromyography to identify how gender impacts development of muscle fatigue during occupational task performance. Her recent publications include work with firefighters and particularly the differences in fatigability between male and female firefighters. Dr. Sinden has current funding from both CIHR and SSHRC and would be happy to hear from prospective graduate students. She is pleased to be the first researcher to be featured in our Researcher Spotlight. See our List of Researchers for her coordinates.